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Name Category Size Downloads Time Version Download
DIAView v3.5.0 Softrware 706M 111 2020-05-22 3.5.0 Description | Download
DIAView v2.6.1 Softrware 638M 439 2019-10-08 Description | Download
Manual Material 32M 219 2019-07-08 Description | Download
DIAView v2.6 Upgrade Function Introduction Material 2M 68 2019-07-03 v2.6 Description | Download
DIAView v2.5 Upgrade Function Introduction Material 2M 43 2019-04-08 2.5 Description | Download


Energy management, through planning, monitoring and key consumption equipment management to monitor energy consumption of enterprises in units to improve utilization
With development of the Internet, automatic equipment will show an intelligent, networked and more open trend. SCADA will be a bridge and link in automation system
DIAView from manufacturing site collected data, and are displayed in graphics or animation, through analysis and process data, to improve the production efficiency